Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Appropriate Wednesday attitude.
Last night Dr. H and I organized his side of our shared closet (only in Manhattan are women subjected to such cruelty as a shared closet!) AND we finally cleaned out 4 drawers from a piece of furniture that had literally collapsed and been sitting broken in our bedroom for nearly 2 weeks (Ikea, we had a good run). After all that forced productivity, I think I deserve the rest of the week off. Does HR have an attendance code for that? Join me as we hump the hell outta this one:
* I think we need some more honest athletic ads in our lives.
* This two year old has got some serious dance moves.
* Recently purchased THIS amazing hair product (thanks for the recommendation CupofJo) and have to fight the urge to use it 
* Recovered from the demise of TomKat? I'm still reeling (and reading this interesting piece on their relationship).
* And while you're in a reading mood, check out this very thoughtful editorial on a powerful CEO and the impact of her planned maternity leave.
* Duh-dun....  Duh-dun... duh-dun.. duh-dun. I think we're gonna need a bigger bite, errrr boat!
* Today is Wed-nes-day (that's exactly how I say it in my head every time I type that word).

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