Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top notch tapas.

How many small plates equals one really big plate!?
It's been a while since I've sent a restaurant review your way (not for lack of eating!) so I thought I would share all the reasons why Socarrat Paella Bar is my new go to spot for top notch tapas (and so much more).

Socarrat Chelsea. (2nd location in nolita)
The ambiance at Socarrat will win you over before the waiter has had a chance to say "would you like to see the wine menu?" (and btw, said wine menu is pretty fantastic). Comprised of primarily communal style tables in west-village-charm-meets-industrial-chic rooms, you get a fabulous mix of intimacy and openness as well as the perfect opportunity to make an educated "I'll have what she's having" decision.

Bring on the small plates!
The menu at Socarrat is really what, in my "lots 'o food" lovin opinion, makes it such a great spot. So often with tapas you have to order 10+ small plates to leave the meal satisfied and that can add up to one hefty bill. While Socarrat is certainly not cheap eats, the tapas selection is well priced and each plate included more than enough for all members of my party of 4 to enjoy. (The Croquettes did not disappoint and neither did the Garlic Shrimps if you're looking for suggestions!)

Paella comes in serving sizes 2 and up
And as its name suggests, Socarrat offers not just tapas, but some pretty awesome paella. Prepared in large cast-iron skillets (aka, big metal pans I'm going to call cast-iron skillets) and served family style, the fresh meats and seafood, flavorful rice and crisp-around-the-edges-from-cooking entree is the perfect compliment to a few plates of tapas. I promise you'll leave full (no small feat for tapas) and feeling like you disappeared for one night to a little spot in Spain.

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