Friday, July 20, 2012

What we've been eating...

"It's chow time b*tches!" 
Happy Friday my merry friends!!! To send you into the weekend I thought I would share a bit about how Dr. H and I have been feeding our faces lately. It's been a glorious mix of cooking and Restaurant Week adventuring, with a little Citi Field deliciousness headed our way tonight. I think your belly wants to get in on the good times! Happy eating:)
Get on a roll... a Shrimp Roll!
I took THIS recipe for a test run the other night and was pretty pumped about the results. I followed the recipe almost exactly, only adding a bit of Old Bay for some extra kick (we like it spicy:) Quick, barely any ingredients and a thumbs up from Dr. H? Doesn't get much better than that.
Cheese makes everything better (even
your veggies!)
Confession - I need to try this recipe again. I overcooked the green beans by about 10 minutes (I never said I was a focused chef!) and they got a bit too well done. That said, the potential for greatness was definitely there and it's a quick and easy way to get tasty greens on your plate, so it's in the queue for another shot.

Taboon - 10th Ave. at 53rd St.
For our first Restaurant Week night on the town Dr. H and I hit up Taboon. A 15 minute walk from our apartment, we'd never been before, but I promise you we'll be going back! Not only was their prix fixe menu AWESOME, but there were so many other tasty options that it was hard not to deviate from the original prix fixe plan (which we did... nothing wrong with a little Sambuska and sauteed calamari on top of your three-course meal right!?)

I'm comin to eat with YOU Mr. Met!!
Fact: I have actually dined with Mr. Met (so what if I was the oldest "kid" at "Brunch with Mr. Met"? My Sis sure know how to nail a birthday present!) Tonight when Dr. H and I head to Citi Field (go Mets!) I'm going to bypass the new, fancy Shake Shack and Blue Smoke for a Shea Stadium classic that survived the trip to Citi - Mama's of Corona. Tucked into the World's Fair Market by section 109, I promise a Mama's italian sub will knock your socks off. Don't forget to add the mushrooms!!

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