Thursday, July 19, 2012


I must read and go and see and do!
Last night I announced to Dr. H that I am going to make a conscious effort to plan less in August. With July shaping up to be a travelling /celebrating /plans-on-top-of-plans whirlwind, I'm back to having a plan to plan less (oy!) because I need at least some of my summer to just chilllll baby! Living in NYC means that there's no shortage of tempting activities to participate in (concerts, free events (like all of THESE), shows, baseball games, dining al fresco) and we love to travel to see family and friends for long weekends while our work schedules are a bit lighter. BUT, all this fun has meant sacrificing things like relaxed nights cooking together or waking up on a Saturday and letting the day take shape organically (also, cleaning, laundry? naaahhh.) I'm always so torn between my love of "doing" and my desire to relax and just "be". 

How do you balance your adventures with "me time" (or "we time" as it may be)? Is it weird to try to try not to do things that you really kinda want to do (go to ALL of these and these for example)? I think it's essential for my energy (and sanity) to let some potential activities pass me by, but I have such Fear of Missing Out (aka "FOMO"; best acronym ever right!?) that it's tough to decline an invitation or skip a trip to somewhere that I know will be a great time. Maybe I can overcome my FOMO with a heavy dose of chill pills... I will let you know!

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  1. I am exactly the same way. Sometimes its good, and sometimes bad :). There is no cure! Well, except for a husband that forces you to do nothing sometimes (rarely...).