Friday, July 13, 2012

Coming undone...

Owl not be embarrassed!
So yesterday, after a fairly "high level" meeting at work, I returned to my desk to discover that the middle button on my button down shirt was undone. Undone as in "hey meri, your shirt is wide open and your bra is on display" kind of undone. Instant panic set in: "how long has my shirt been like this?" "Did it happen at the meeting? after?" "Did anyone see my boobs!?" I squirmed and turned red at my desk realizing that I would never know the answers to my questions and I cursed the button for failing me in a time of need (aka, all the hours of the day I'm expected to have my clothing fully ON).

Isn't it crazy how embarrassing things like this can be? An unzipped fly or undone button can make you feel like a tooootal nincompoop (always wanted to use that word in print) and I can't decide if someone alerting you to the faux pas makes you feel better or worse! Last week when I spotted a girl at a bar with toilet paper on her shoe and wanted to tell her, Dr. H got all "mer, you're bein a weirdo, don't do it" and I just kept thinking that if someone let me keep walking around with half a port-a-potty on my foot I'd be mortified!! (Note: I did not approach her and I'm still disappointed in myself about it.) So here's to all those quiet awkward moments when you realize you've been strutting a slightly undone version of yourself... to whomever sees, I hope they enjoyed the show:)

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