Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go ahead, stay the night.

Do you think the Pink Ladies stopped having slumber parties
when they left Rydell High behind?
Grown ups need to have more sleepovers. I've given this a lot of thought and I see no reason why adults don't have more slumber parties. As children, all the coolest parties are sleepovers, college is basically four years of continuous sleepovers and then suddenly, just because we all have the option of "going home at the end of the night" we stop acting like extending our good time late into the night and on to tomorrow isn't totally awesome!

Now, is your friend's futon, pullout couch or air mattress as cozy as your own bed? Not a chance, but there's something irreplaceable about late night antics, snuggled up chats in sweatpants and sharing a lazy breakfast. More than the obvious bonuses (go ahead and have another drink; don't bother with a hotel) I think that sometimes the best time with friends is just "being" with friends. No planning, hosting or activities, just being together for no reason other than that being together makes you happy.

So next time you and your crew are hanging out on a Saturday night, don't call it quits and head for your house, pack up your pillow and toothbrush and offer to bring bagels for the next morning.

Ed. Note: I recognize that seeing "no reason" why adults don't have more slumber parties is a bit of an overstatement (especially for those of you with kiddos!), but sometimes tossing reason(s) aside is good for the soul:)

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