Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forever a mess?

This could never be my apartment.
I go more for the "organized chaos chic" look.
Do you ever get to that point of messiness in your home when you look around and are all "good God how did I let this happen!?" I suppose it’s possible that Dr. H and I are just huge slobs, but I suspect more than a few of you know exactly what I’m talking about… you’ve been throwing your shizz on top of the nearest pile thinking "whatever, this place is already a mess" when suddenly you can’t find the birthday check you've been meaning to cash and have vowed to wear only dark tops until your white bra can be located. It is no way to live.

This weekend I hit my limit and spent the better half of Saturday being monstrously productive at home. Though my bedroom is still a hot mess (I see you hiding in the corner weekend-bag-from-4-weekends-ago) my kitchen, living room and bathroom are sparkling and organized. It was a feat of serious determination. When I came home from work yesterday I reveled in my tidiness and vowed never to let it get that bad again. Then I left my shoes by the door and threw the unopened mail on the table. *sigh*

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