Monday, July 16, 2012


The cat came back, the very next day...

Around 9am last Friday, Mom emails me and asks "Where's your blog today? It's Fri the 13th!" I looked at my desk calendar and realized "HOLY CRAP today is Friday the 13th!" (Moms can be so wise:) Now I am not one of those super superstitious people, but I am just superstitious enough to be wary of Friday the 13th, avoid walking under ladders (safety first!) and generally steer clear of black cats (also, all cats. I'm really allergic). What my mom's email made me realize however, is that superstitions are really super silly - I hadn't even noticed it was a bad luck day until she mentioned it, but once I knew, I was all kinds of worried about how my day's plans would turn out. 

Now I know that I am quirky, but I can't figure out why I care about Friday the 13th, but I work on the 13th floor of a skyscraper and don't think twice about it (Did you know that many buildings in NYC don't even have a 13th floor!?) Superstitious, super silly or not, I guess I'll just have to hope that luck is on my side!

PS - did you catch my Raffi reference!?   

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