Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A merry day...

Hopping Hedgehogs Having a Happy (Birthday) Hootinanny
There are lots of reasons why I think that birthdays are wonderful: Birthdays are a chance to bring together people you love (no better way to get loved ones to clear their calendar than playin the birthday card!); Birthdays are a chance to indulge (I firmly believe in a little birthday treat!); and Birthdays are a chance to start a new year (and vow to make it your best one yet).
Cake and hearts, 2 of my favorite things!
Though many people dread their birthday, or the idea of a date which reminds us that we're getting older, I advocate for embracing the day!! On your next birthday, celebrate your you-ness and remember that older can also mean happier. 

Buds for life (like me & Dr. H!)
Pursue something new that you love or just celebrate with someone who makes you smile (also, eat some ice cream?!). 

throw a mad tea party?!
Wishing you all a very merry un-birthday (unless today is your special day too!? :)

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