Monday, July 23, 2012

These things happen...

Beauty & the Beach.
Sometimes it's 9pm-ish on a Sunday night and your waiter is telling you that "martinis are like boobs: one is not enough, two is just right and three is one too many." I'm proud to say that I stopped at "just right," but "just right" is still a lot for a Sunday. So forgive me if all I've got for you is this adorable hedgehog getting a bath:


And perhaps a brilliant idea like THIS:
citrus mint ice cubes: so ready for this summery treat

This kinda creepy yet totally adorable baby panda just wants
to remind you to stop and smile, even though it's Monday

So don't forget to cook something yummy this week, maybe THIS:
Avocado Mac Cheese, recipe HERE
(there is no better mer/dr. h dish alive)

And of course, remember THIS:
Until tomorrow... :)

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