Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games begin!!

Olympic Fever takes London
(photo credit: AB)
Do you have Olympic fever yet!? Though a healthy dose of Netflix supplied Friday Night Lights has kept Dr. H and I occupied during the summer tv draught (clear eyes!) I am PUMPED to watch swimming, gymnastics, soccer, diving, track and a whole host of other sports I only care about once every four years.  Though a hockey girl at heart, I loooove me some summer games and don’t even GET Dr. H started… he may leave me for Bob Costas and live in an Olympic Village of serenity if I’m not careful. Here to kick off the thirtieth Olympiad (aka, the XXX Olympiadhow sexy!) is some awesome inspiration for the wannabe Olympian in your life. Go USA! 

Love an excuse for a theme party!
Get inspiration HERE (and via Pinterest HERE)

Make your viewing of the Opening Ceremonies tonight a bit more festive. Drinking game suggestions HERE and HEREOr perhaps a game of Olympics BINGO!?

Sangria with a serious American allegiance (pinterest HERE)

Did you know: London has played host to the Olympics twice before – once in 1908 & again in 1948, making London the 1st city to have hosted the modern Games of 3 Olympiads. 

Summer Olympics in a box.
Melanie over at YouAreMyFave, puts my Olympic enthusiasm to shame. Check out some of her AMAZING Olympic-inspired ideas HERE
I must find an excuse to use this
Click HERE for the free printable template!

Looking for the best spots in NYC to get your Olympics on? Check out THESE great options (courtesy of the always awesome Daily Candy). 

Let the games begin!!!
(photo credit: AB)

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