Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Happy Birthday buddy!
Today is Wednesday. Not Thursday or Friday, but thankfully not Monday or Tuesday. We take what we can get right!? Let's cut to the chase and be distracted:

* How to make your very own Chipotle burrito bowl
* Did you know that children are our nation's poorest age group, with almost 25 percent of children under 5 living below the federal poverty level? Sad, but true. Learn more HERE.
* Oh man... I'm pissed off just watching this guy!
* Real estate gems from the Big Apple.
* The most beautiful places to get your yogi on.
* Some super chic sporty/swimy clothing from a recently discovered brand, perfect for all that scenic yoga you'll be doing (via exPress-o)
* My muffin tin never felt so essential.
* Sassy nails are even easier than you think!
* Just when you though Zach Galifianakis couldn't be any more amazing...
* So... this pole dancer just blew my mind (it gets good around the 1:20 mark)
* I am pretty sure I NEED this.
* I'll take the super pooper if it means I get to have that woman's body 
* These doggies are here to make you smile.

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