Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On Having a Bucket List.

Babs the Brave.

Yesterday my Mom went skydiving. Yes that's right, skydiving, as in voluntarily jumped out of a perfectly well-functioning airplane at 13,500 feet, only to fall fast and then glide slow all the way back down to earth. Fearless. Which is ironic, because my Mom is not typically the thrill-seeking type (a woman who once opted out of a family zip-lining trip in Costa Rica, she has certainly done a high-five worthy about face!) On this particular occasion however, Mom seized the gift certificate her daughters had purchased for her (after over a year of hearing "I'd love to go skydiving" we thought it was time to give her a nudge) and she jumped out of an airplane. Her exhilaration upon landing was adorable, endearing, exciting and empowering. "Just check this off my bucket list!" she exclaimed while making a gigantic check mark gesture... I think I was as proud of her as she was of herself. 

It was in this moment that I realized that bucket lists, or the pursuit of an adventure, experience, destination or challenge beyond our ordinary, are good for the soul. When looking at my mom's post-jump smile, I could tell she felt a truly unique sense of satisfaction - the type that only comes from accomplishing a seriously special task. And though it's much easier to come up with reasons not to pursue our lofty, silly or death-defying wish list items, life is simply too short not to shock even yourself every once in a while. So... what's on your bucket list?

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