Monday, May 6, 2013

Would you rather...

Get your thinking cap on!
Back in the fall when Dr. H and I moved, one of my best girlies gave us the game Would You Rather? as a housewarming gift (the same brilliant lady who planned a trip to Alice's for her birthday!) On a cozy Saturday night at home not too long ago, we busted out the game, quickly abandoned the rules and board and just started tearing through the cards, asking one another "Would You Rathers". This led to hysterical, heated debates on important issues like eating nothing for 3 days vs. eating only your most hated foods for 1 day. Then when our (elementary school age) niece and nephew were visiting and we needed something to pass the time while waiting for the subway or preparing dinner, the same Would You Rather cards provided awesome entertainment and conversation from the silly (would you rather burp uncontrollably or fart uncontrollably) to the thought provoking (would you rather have 1 very good friend or lots of people you're only friendly with... this one took a little re-phrasing to help them understand, but their answers and explanations were inspiring!) 

So next time you're looking for an ice breaker, a party game or simply a way to pass the time on a quiet night or boring car ride, consider a lil round of "Would You Rather". You'll be amazed at how the game transcends ages and just how much you can learn about people when they're forced to choose between peeing every time they stand up or pooping every time they sit down.
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