Friday, May 17, 2013

Cookie Quest (more like a day trip)

When I found out I was pregnant, 2 (apparently pregnancy made me very specific) concerns crossed my mind after the initial crying, hugging and excitement – I’m going to have to get this baby out and if I’m going to be a mom I have to have a recipe for super yummy chocolate chip cookies. I had 7ish months to worry about labor, so I pushed (ha!) that thought way down deep. That left the cookies. Cookies I could do. So I set out to find the perfect recipe.

Now, nothing against Nesley Tollouze (Phoebe anyone?!) but those cookies just don’t do it for me. I wanted something soft and chewy, with some height to it. I let Google be my guide, recipe comments and reviews narrowed down the field of contenders. The first one I decided to try was from a cookbook, Baking Illustrated, published by Cooks Illustrated. Side note, as a baker (I use this term loosely) I love this cookbook. It’s full of information (the difference between all the types of flour, why baking soda is important, what brown sugar does for a recipe vs. white sugar) and when you take the dust jacket off, the cover is smooth and soft, it makes me want to run my hands over it constantly, but then I’m just alone in my kitchen, caressing a book, so maybe that’s not the best thing.

Long story short (too late!) – this recipe was perfection. There were a few steps that seemed a little high maintenance but these steps proved to be vital to the outcome. I felt a little conflicted that my quest for the perfect cookie was over so quickly, but it was, and I had a tray full of warm cookies, so I got over it just as quickly. Gooey and chewy with mounds of chocolate chips, after starting a bite, it actually takes a few seconds for your teeth to meet again. They are the opposite of the flat, crisp cookies B.P.R. (Before Perfect Recipe). Milk is an absolute requirement – but dunking is a personal preference, these cookies need no softening agent. (for me, milk is such an important part of cookie-eating that at our wedding we had cookies served with milk in shot glasses). These cookies are requested anytime I offer to bring dessert, or for such important occasions as It’s a Wednesday Night. 

The recipe is below (do it) – if you decide to try them (do it), I hope that you eat them all right away and then make them again to share.

Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies - For Full Recipe, CLICK HERE

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