Monday, May 13, 2013

There's an App for that.

Apps for evvvvverything
I got my first iPhone about 6 months ago and I'm still amazed by the seeming limitlessness of the tiny computer I'm carrying around in my purse. With one swipe of my finger I can feed my social media addiction, while consulting a map and checking the weather, asking google a question and buying movie tickets. My phone is like a portal to the entire freaking universe (literally, that time I had it showing me star maps by holding it up to the sky so I thought I'd share with you some of my most favorite free Apps.

Yahoo! Weather
Yahoo! Weather
Everyone's iPhone comes with the little Apple weather icon pre-loaded, but the Yahoo! Weather App blows Apple's out of the water. With more detailed forecasts, a small blurb, radar, wind and sun rise/set times all embedded into the app, this is the next best thing to having Al Roker in your pocket.

*Google Search
Google Search
This app is what I imagined using Siri would be like (Siri ends up just searching Google for 90% of what I ask anyway). Simply click open the app and type or speak ANYTHING for an instant google search. This app also direct links to Google Maps (way better than Apple Maps) for easy navigation anywhere with cell service.

* Pic Stitch
Pic Stitch
Want to make a bunch of your iPhone photos into a nifty little collage!? Pic Stitch has a ton of basic layouts to choose from and plenty of filters, effects and editing tools ideal for perfecting your images. Collages can be emailed or uploaded to any type of social media so get sharing!

* RunKeeper
I freaking LOVE this app. The basic function of RunKeeper is a gps tracker and stopwatch for your workouts. After logging a workout, the app provides a comprehensive summary of your route and pace for each mile traveled (total and splits). Perfect for training for a race, mapping out new runs or simply monitoring your speed, RunKeeper is an app all fitness fanatics should have on their phone.

* Flashlight
It's a flashlight, in  your pocket, ALL the time. Why not?

* Bloglovin
If you're a multiple-blogs-a-day reader like myself, then you need to be using Bloglovin. This app (affiliated with is an aggregator of all the blogs you tell it to follow.  New posts show up in your personalized feed and mobile-friendly formatting makes reading a pleasure. 

* Netflix/HBOGo 
Both of these apps can be a real data-suck, so be sure you're connected to wifi when using, but other than that, holy crap are these guys GREAT. After logging into your personal accounts, stream ANY tv show or movie available on Netflix or HBO OnDemand and never worry about being bored again.

* Fandango
I use this app way more than I'd ever have expected. Locate the theater closest to your current location or a selected zip code, see what's playing, buy tickets (skip printing at the theater, the barcode loads right to your phone!) read reviews... this app does everything but pop your popcorn.

Honorable Mentions: Goodreads (see what friends are reading (and what their review) by browsing this awesome book sharing app); FlyDelta (Not too shabby for an airline, this app is perfect for tracking your flight, loading a mobile boarding pass and receiving personalized travel updates); OneKingsLane, Etsy, Urban Outfitters (shopping so easy it's dangerous); Soundhound/Shazam (all you have to do is open the app and let it listen, then you'll never have to ask "what song is this?" again); Sporkle (trivia games in your pocket); Bump (transfer photos from your phone to computer or to another phone simply by tapping your phone against the space bar/other phone); Also, obviously Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for all your social media distracting pleasure.

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