Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Dip It.

Let BBQ season commence!
Happy Monday my merry friends! I'm fresh off a great work/family combo visit to Atlanta and hoping you all enjoyed meeting the lovely (parent)thetically speaking while I was gone (and that your homes are now all filled with thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies!) Even though it's still an entire work week away, I'm already thinking about the gloriousness that is Memorial Day Weekend - early Friday office closure, Monday off, BBQ, swimming pool and all. A serious summer lover, NYC's recent cooler weather has distracted me from just how close my favorite season really is. And what better way to prep for your first official BBQ weekend of summer than by checking out a few dip recipes perfect for wow'ing your guests (or making you the MVP "I brought that appetizer" BBQ attendee)? Dip it here and waiting for that first tray of burgers and dogs to come off the grill won't be a big deal at all!

Dip numero uno.
Titled "Out of this World Corn Dip" this recipe requires only a few basic ingredients and makes a "ginormous" serving size. Plus, with the suggested vehicle of Frito Scoops instead of the expected potato or corn chip, I think it's safe to say this dip will blow minds. Click HERE for Pinterest and HERE for the full recipe.

Dip 2
Hot dips can definitely be tricky for a summer BBQ, but the "lighter" ingredients of this  ricotta-based baked dip (in particular the always summery lemon) make this a perfect pre-dinner treat. Enjoy with some whole grain crackers or a fresh baguette before moving on to grilled strip steak and vegetables (just a suggestion!) Pinterest HERE, full recipe HERE.

Still dipping!
I must confess, whenever I serve queso, it comes right out of a jar, but this simple queso blanco dip seems like some seriously next level cheesy goodness. The extra effort will be worth it when people are licking the inside of the serving bowl clean (not that I've ever done that before!) On Pinterest HERE and full recipe HERE.

Veggie delight
Lastly, I thought I'd share this basic serving idea as an alternative to the standard crudite tray. Though not exactly environmentally friendly, these individual veggie-and-dip cups mean people don't have to linger near a platter and double dipping is a complete non-issue. Leave a tray of naked veggies and more dip next to these pre-made cups so people can easily come back for refills!

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