Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Nothin wrong with a little Junk in your Trunk!
Best feeling ever = sitting on the couch and realizing that tomorrow is not Tuesday, but already Wednesday! Thank you 3-day weekend for last night's joyous moment (even if you were unwelcomingly cold and rainy). Here to take you to the other side of this short week are some kickass distractions... enjoy!

* 100 hysterical reasons you should be watching the new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix.
* For all you eye-patch wearing, sea fairing types... Ahoy matey!
* A new funky place to shop online (the "for him" section has me thinking Father's Day)
* Perfect for my imaginary summer house by the sea.
* Dr. H and I are planning a trip!!
* 14 photographers documenting how they see their children.
* And speaking of the kiddos, mine will definitely need a ton of THESE
* Wouldn't mind seeing this beauty on one of my fingers!
* How to be a rockstar host(ess) [via exPress-o]
* Some warm fuzzies for your Wednesday.
* What is with all these amazingly talented and creative spouses!?
* Can you imagine being in the car immediately behind THIS unmarked truck?
* Architectural FAIL.

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