Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hair, there and everywhere

Rain rain go away.
Today is (another) one of those days when having hair, like, at all, is a pain in the patooty. I have literally gone through 3 different styles (bun was too flat, pony was too poufy, messy and down is just right?!) desperate to make something presentable out of the pouring rain, humid, misty mess on my head. Though I generally love my hair (It never puts on weight! It can always be changed!) my naturally curly(ish) coif ends up frizzy and lifeless when the weather does not cooperate. Since I know I'm not alone in my quest to keep my mane looking good, I thought I would share some favorite products and styles with my merry friends.
Bumble and bumble - Surf Spray
Beach in a bottle
This product is the best addition to my hair regime that I've had in a long time. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is applied to your hair right out of the shower (you don't even need to brush it, just towel dry) and the instructions are literally like "apply, crunch around, stand in wind". I'm amazed at the genuinely beachy look this product gives my hair and it is perfect to use when you're in a rush, or on a day like today when wet weather renders styling useless. 
Pros: Gives hair great body, creates a convincingly post-day-at-the-beach style perfect for summer (also rainy days) and requires less than 5 minutes styling time
Cons: The spray is salt-water based, so your hair does feel a bit dry after use. I wouldn't recommend daily application

Tons of products to choose from
Growing up, I used Biosilk to tame fly-aways and give my hair extra shine, but I've recently become a Moroccan Oil convert. Moroccan Oil smells amazing, and the tiniest amount (literally, less than dime sized for my mid-back length hair) reduces frizz and creates gorgeous shine. I apply the basic oil treatment after straightening for a glossy finish or after making barrel or kinky-curls to reduced the fuzz/flyaway halo that humidity or wind can create.
Pros: Gives hair gorgeous shine, an amazing smell (that lasts ALL day) and reduces frizz without creating oily hair (also, lasts FOREVER because you need so little per use)
Cons: VERY easy to overdo it. The little glass bottles don't have a dispenser meaning the oil sometimes flows out in amounts far larger than what's needed. DO NOT use too much or you'll look greasy

Knot Hairstyle (with photo instructions!)
Having a few go-to updo's for your hair is an awesome way to avoid ponytail fatigue. I've found that the key to these "everyday" styles is that they must be genuinely easy to execute otherwise you'll get frustrated/run late for work/never even attempt them. I LOVE the "knots" style featured above as well as the messy buns looks pictured below (just divide your hair into 2-3 sections and secure 2-3 messy buns with bobby pins in the back). Tricks to remember - when styling your hair, brushes are the enemy. If your hair is too smooth or clean, it won't hold a style as well (making easy updos a great option for non-wash days). I also sometimes cheat and use damp hair because it's so NOT smooth that it's easier to secure. Check out a few other fun/easy styles HERE, HERE and HERE
Pros: Unique (compliments abound on updo days), easy and fast
Cons: Practice makes perfect. Definitely take a new updo for a test drive BEFORE the morning you want to pull it off.

You accessorize your neck, ears, fingers and wrists, why not your hair!? I'm amazed at how a boring high bun or ponytail takes on new life by simply applying a colorful flower, hairband, scarf or pretty clip. Small accessories can add so much to your outfit and low-price point options abound at places like H&M and Forever 21. Next time you're desperate to get your hair from blah to beautiful, clip in a little something fun!

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