Friday, May 24, 2013

Have a wonderful weekend!

In my mind, this is precisely what the weekend has in store
I am in complete denial. That little biotch Mother Nature appears to have a mostly grey and chilly few days in store for the New York area, but forecast be damned, I packed for 3 days of glorious 80 and sunny weather. My wedges and parrot print romper brilliance waits for no one (<-- actual outfit I plan to wear this weekend). Annnnyways... it's Memorial Day Weekend which means the (un)official start of summer (first fireworks of the season WOO!) So no matter the weather, I say bust out your white pants, throw another shrimp on the bar-be (hehe) and enjoy these bits and biddies from around the web on your way out the door. Happy Friday!!

* Cooked THIS recipe for dinner last night and it legit rocked my world (note: I sauteed some shrimp with salt, pepper and olive oil, then added them for a bit of protein)
* Friend of the blog Laur thinks we should ALL be making THESE for dessert this weekend. (Thanks Laur!)

Red White & Blue

Doesn't get much easier than sand in a pretty jar with some party-store purchases propped out the top.

Raspberry Ice Cubes

Add to a glass of white wine, put your pedicured toesies up and Ommm...

Gold Honey Bear Vase DIY from A Beautiful Mess
Honey Bear Flower Vase!
Learn how to make these adorable honey bear flower vases from your old honey bottles along with 51 other "Insanely Easy Ways to Transform Everyday Things" (Cue the "why didn't I think of thats" now!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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