Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My door is always open...

The door is open...
Today I'd like to have an extremely high brow conversation with you (she said sarcastically). Today we are takin it (back) to the bathroom, which is easier for some than others, because some of us leave the door wide open. You see, I come from a long line of door-open potty users and though I get that bathroom business is "private business" in the comfort of my home I just don't feel there's anything to hide! While I know not everyone shares my "pee freely" mentality, I recently discovered that people are staunchly divided on this topic and some actually find the prospect of using the bathroom without complete privacy appalling, especially when it comes to significant others (read more HERE). One commentor writes: "...Door closed, faucet on. Number two preferably when he's not home." Door closed, faucet on!?! Have you ever thought about your environmental impact lady!? (And maybe you need to read THIS literary classic?)

On my first day of college, I knew my roommate and I could be bff's when she walked into the bathroom, left the door ajar and continued our conversation (maintaining eye contact of course) throughout her time on the toilet. There I was, my first time living on my own, relieved (ha!) to discover that my home's bathroom door policy was a-ok. I guess some of us are comfortable leaving it all out in the open while others could never... There are two camps of bathroom users in this world and a firmly closed door stands between us.

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