Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

So true.
The hump is here!! Are you ready to distract yourself with a whole buttload of interesting, adorable, funny, tasty and pointless-yet-awesome links? Enjoy!!

* Brings new meaning to "rise and shine"!!!
* THIS is pretty much a checklist for my junior high school existence.
* Always wanted to take a crack at homemade tzatziki.
* Not so humble brag - Did you watch the Grammy's? Well remember this post about this Lumineers from May and this post about Mumford's new album Babel from November? Merry Meri, musical taste maker at your service :)
* No real purpose, but definitely adorable.
* As a chronic "run late-er" THIS was an interesting read.
* Taking "princess for a day" to the extreme (I love Disney and all, but THIS is... wow).
* As usual, turtles say it best.

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