Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear "National Holiday Decider"...

You're both nuts!!!!
Work today!? That's NUTS!!!
...the day after the Super Bowl really should be a national holiday. Seriously. Statistics suggest that 50% of American households watch the big game and that today is the most abused "sick day" of the year. So to whomever gets to declare national holidays, today should be your next declaration. Because just like Presidents Day, MLK Day and Columbus Day before it, "I ate/drank too much and slept too little because of football Day" is a great American tradition which should be honored with no work and suspended alternate side parking. Anyway, here's some giggly goodness to help you get through the rest of this day. Good luck:)

hipster ice.
So cool.

Awww. That's cute.
Humor... Comes in handy...

Don't worry, bro...

its all about the monocle
Good day to you all!

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