Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flying solo

How do you feel about doing things by yourself? Though I have enjoyed the occasional quiet brunch, museum stroll or movie on my own, last week my solo expeditions reached new heights when I attended a concert by myself. That's right, I, Merry Meri, went to see Mumford and Sons, at the Barclays Center all alone. With several music-loving friends having seen Mumford at the same venue the week before and my bud Dr. H out of town on business, I found myself, 2 days pre-concert preparing to miss out. But Dr. H gave me a pep talk and planted the seed - "you don't really talk much to your friends at a concert anyway. I bet you'll still have a blast... you should go." So after briefly mulling it over, I decided to go for it. I purchased a cheap ticket off StubHub and excitedly ventured to what turned out to be one of my favorite live musical performances ever. Being alone was a total non-issue and though I'd definitely have preferred a buddy, I can't say flying solo made the night any less enjoyable. Mumford was incredible live and being alone made it very easy to sneak into a lower section for an amazing view (shhh! don't tell the ushers). Though some concerts are definitely meant to be a shared experience, Mumford's music can just be heard and enjoyed, no matter the circumstance.

When I told my family about my solo mission over brunch, my Dad whispered "is that something to brag about? Isn't going to a concert alone a little pathetic?" which made me wonder if maybe I was proud of something that I should find a little embarrassing (wouldn't be the first time!) But the thing is, (thankfully) I didn't go alone to a concert because I'm living an isolated life without loved ones to share experiences with. In reality, I just really really wanted to do something that my network of peeps didn't have time for and thanks to my wonderful husband's encouragement, I felt brave enough not to miss out. Because that's really all that was required - a bit of courage to get through the occasional "is she by herself?" glance as I wiggled into a vacant seat or pulled out my phone to share the song I knew Dr. H would love to hear. So next time you're choosing between flying solo or missing out, I say be brave enough to go it alone... because adventures can still be pretty awesome, even if no one is sitting beside you.  

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