Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Hellllooo hump day! Today is a "why bother" sort of hair day in NYC if you know what I mean (rain, wind, general gloom) so I'm absolutely ripe for distraction. For those of us not lucky enough to "snail it" in bed all day long, let's get over the hump together:

* I want to go to there. Now.
* Bed Bath and Beyond is a palace of lies.
* THIS is definitely getting added to the lunch rotation asap (sounds amazing!!)
* Taking the art of water-sliding to new heights (literally) and a "free fall slide".
* I have had this exact conversation at least a half dozen times.
* Studying up before I see my favorite novella come to life on the Broadway stage!
* A very long, but insanely interesting article on why we really are addicted to junk food.
* The windows of NYC. Totally Cool.
* Sometimes a dog just has to groove to the music.

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