Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

I'm feeling a bit "off" today... not sick enough to stay at home, not healthy enough to be cheery at work. Blegh. Let's get right to the distractions!

* Just a few white lies we can all get behind.
* Holy CRAP this dog is freakin amazing.
* Melted cheese is the key to my heart (balsamic soaked tomatoes don't hurt either:)
* You know how I feel about concerts alone, but what about travelling?
* Was I the only person on the planet who didn't know about the Harlem Shake phenom until last week!? Well in an effort to improve my cool factor, I went on a shake binge. Check out my favorites HERE and HERE and HERE.
* Got loads of compliments on my mani when I brought this Pin to life (note: I used dark purple for the base coat).
* Did you know that this happened to Venice in the fall!? How cool/crazy/scary/nuts!
* Makes you say "whhhhhhhhat!?!"

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