Friday, February 15, 2013

Peace out Homies.

Woop woooooop!
Hooray for Friday! Hooray for long weekends! Hooray for the Presidents!! Is there anything better than the anticipation of a 3-day weekend (followed by a shortened work week!?) I mean look at this, I'm EXPLODING with exclamation points over here!!! To kick off the holiday weekend, I thought I'd share some ideas for passing the time and celebrating the great Abe and George. Also, I've had a particularly inspiration-filled few days, so be sure to come back next week (starting Tuesday of course, bloggers need time off too!) for some awesome Merry Meri musings. Happy Friday my friends!

You guys remember how much I love me some American President right!? Well in the spirit  of patriotism and acknowledging February's most underrated holiday, HERE are some crafty ways to celebrate President's Day. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but perhaps a Presidential Theme Party should be planned next year!?

Looking for some great movies to entertain you while you lounge around on your couch this weekend? I recently watched both of these flicks for the first time and loved them. I somehow missed Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell when it came out, but the funnyman pretty much nails it in this dark comedy. And if you're looking for something totally different, consider the 1950s classic Sabrina which captures the charm and beauty of Hepburn and Bogart along with the simplicity of early Hollywood film.

Rich in experiences (& spare change)
What a brilliant and simple project to transform all of that spare change you brought back from overseas into a piece of decor and conversation for your home! All you need is glue, an inexpensive frame and your piggy bank (you know those foreign coins are sitting at the bottom!) to make this craft your own.

Music, drinks and tacos. NICE.

Once, way back when, a (super cool) friend took Dr. H and I to Union Pool in Brooklyn for a concert. It had totally fallen off my radar screen until last night when another (super cool) couple asked if we wanted to join them for a night of dancing at the Pool. Superb DJs, excellent concerts, and the tasty El Diablo taco truck make Union Pool one hip place to hangout. Check it.

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