Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Blahs.

Spring, I'm packed, dressed & ready for your arrival.
Today I've got a serious case of the Winter Blahs. It's not quite the "ho hums", because I'm not feeling glum or hrumphy, but I'm completely uninspired, super unmotivated and mostly looking for an excuse to curl up in sweatpants and avoid mirrors which reflect my pasty-pale complexion. Winter Blahs for sure.

Since nothing soothes the soul like a sweet treat and a cocktail (and because it's already noon and I remain completely unprepared to share any of my writing, rants or musings!!) here are some of my latest favorite finds of the sweet and alcoholic variety.
Cookie monsters, literally!
These cookie treats look RIDICULOUS and so easy to make that they're a no brainer for your next "I'll bring dessert" moment (or maybe your kid's school birthday celebration?) Cookies on the outside, frosting covered with sprinkes in the middle and then two dabs on top plus m&ms for the eyes (and a nose if you feel so inclined)... Something tells me kiddies and grownups alike will be fans of these monsters.

This sweet and savory treat is made of bread, brie, berries and chocolate. That's my kind of sandwich! Full recipe with a few simple details (pinch of salt!?) HERE. Stop reading, go to the grocery store... toaster... mouth... belly. YUM.

The Salty Chihuahua.
Low in calories, sweet and boozy, just how I like em. Try this combo of grapefruit juice, tequila, and orange liqueur for a refreshing Margarita alternative.

The Dirty Shirley
Another sweet one for the ladies! Combine cherry vodka, grenadine and diet sprite. I think this one will have my mind at the beach in no time.

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