Monday, February 11, 2013

Will you be my valentine!?

Hooray!! Valentine's Day is almost here!! As a girl obsessed with hearts, fresh flowers, date nights, special friends and my wonderful beyond imagination hubby, you know I'm ready to get down with cupid. Despite the overly commercial nature of Valentine's Day and Hallmark's emphasis on romance, I look at v-day as a chance to celebrate all the wonderful relationships in my life and to remind all the people I love, just how much they rock. To kick off our lovey week, here's a roundup of fabulous goodies for all the valentine's in  your life.

Heart Attack
If you put it in the mail first thing tomorrow, your "heart attack" should arrive just in time. Or maybe you need to leave it on your love's doorstep! Whoever the recipient, full inspiration for this adorable idea HERE.

DIY Valentine, king of hearts playing card
DIY Valentine, matchbook
Want to make a homemade card instead of spending forever in the greeting card aisle at CVS? How about "King of my Heart", "Queen of my Heart"? or maybe "Perfect Match"? More homemade holiday inspiration HERE.

you are my fave: valentine smash cake
A smashing good time!
There are lots of sweet treat ideas out there for Valentine's Day, but my favorite is this "smash cake" from You Are My Fave. Waayyyy easier to make than I would have guessed, this adorable dessert could be a perfect surprise for the chocolate lover in your life!

"You're the only fish in the sea for me!"
Holy cow cute! Whether you're sending your kiddie to school with Valentines for the class or want to make your co-workers think you're the craftiest colleague on the planet, these printables are for you! Available for purchase on Etsy HERE, you just purchase and print the template, then cut and package these fantastic fishies at home.

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