Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Roundup (aka, taking the easy way out today)

Like a sucker, I tuned in for all 3 hours...
Did you all watch the Oscars!? They're going to be my excuse for 1) not preparing a post last night; 2) not having time to bust something out this morning (someone has to provide web traffic to every "what they wore" list on the internet today!) Far from a fashion, tv production or cinema expert, I'll just leave you with these thoughts:

* Watching the Oscars is pretty damn boring. I get that sound mixing, digital effects and costume design are vital to making a good film, but I don't watch awards shows to see those people give acceptance speeches. Give me more starlets in gorgeous gowns please.
* Apparently if you want to successfully work behind the scenes in Hollywood, you must be a man with flowing locks. I'm not the only one who noticed this trend.
* The objectification of women in film is funny (I'm allowed to think this because I'm a woman)
* A great roundup of outfits HERE and HERE.
* Some of my personal favorites from the night:

* Kristen Stewart - get out of my eyesight, get out of Hollywood. You are the worst. (Also, style your damn hair)
* Melissa McCarthy - have your people talk to Octavia Spencer's people. Glamour is possible at any size.
* My beloved Brit Brit has gone brunette. Sure, why not?
* The Oscar victory I agreed with most.
* Excellent commentary on the fashion and overall production HERE.
* After the show it's the after party...


  1. my favorite was Jennifer Garner's!

  2. Snug, I loved her look too! She nearly made the post, but ultimately I'm classifying it as an honorable mention bc whatever undergarments she was rockin showed through a touch more than I'd have preferred (so many babes, had to discriminate somehow!)