Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

What a grand reception!
Could this Wednesday be any more ick!? As if being only half way to Friday wasn't bad enough, here in NYC we're getting slammed with "it's too warm to snow, but too cold to be even remotely pleasant" precipitation. Where are sweatpants and Netflix when ya need em!? Here to get you over the hump is a hearty serving of awesome distractions... enjoy!

* What if your favorite celeb looked "just like us"?!
* In his defense, that pot could be a sexy turtle friend! (Brings new meaning to "Hump Day)
* I submitted to Strangers Project the other night when I stumbled upon its creator in Washington Square Park. Would you share your story?
* Pack your bags, we've go places to go!
* This is one of the greatest pranks EVER. Holy cow.
* I've discussed the impact of technology on love before. Do you think that courtship is dead?
* Now that I have a chalkboard wall in my living room, I need to beef up my drawing skills!
* Bubbles, a baby and her four legged friend. Smiles galore.

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