Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking it down an inch.

*le sigh*
I knew this day would come. Any time I'd show up to a dressy family party, my mother or grandmother would glance longingly at my feet and say "I used to be able to wear shoes like that" and I'd smile to myself, thinking smugly, "I will always wear shoes like this!!" But alas, my time has come... I need a lower high heel.

Now before you envision me barreling towards a lifetime of footwear discontent, know that I don't plan to abandon my 4" heels completely. Hellz no. I have FAR too many amazing shoes at that height to leave high-high heels forever. The problem is really my "everyday" heels. The 4" brown and black pumps that elongate my legs and tighten my booty to nearly mythical proportions when I wear a pencil skirt, structured suit pants or a wrap dress. Lately, I just can't motivate to get them on and when I do, I long for something just a tad lower; it's like my legs one day decided, "we're too old for this sh*t." Sigh... So now I'm off to find the perfect high, but not too high, heel, fully aware that there's a 50% chance I "accidentally" walk out of the store with another pair of 4" beauties. Wish me luck.

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