Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Seriously. Congrats.
Hellooooo my merry friends and welcome to the day we all pretend it's spring (at least until it starts raining tonight and snowing on Friday). Thank you January for this brief respite from your usual gloom and cold. I'll take it. Here to help you enjoy this glorious day are some delightful distractions. Happy humping!

* If only all conversations with your significant other were this forthright and honest.
* These dudes are awesome. Totally. Freakin. Awesome.
* Some more information about indoor gardening (must be very "in" right now!)
* THIS kid is without a doubt "creating something that will make the world more awesome". Way to go "Mr. President"
* Hey Sis. I think it's time you busted out your string box and made me one of THESE!!
* Jeff Bridges was a total babe in high school (and other blasts from celebrity past
* Baby it's true. A dog eating popcorn is hysterical.

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