Friday, January 11, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month

Learning to love my fruits and veggies
Recently my bffs over at Weight Watchers shared a new way of thinking about eating right. When their researchers discovered that we are straight up hard-wired to crave junky foods (read about the brain scan research HERE) they deduced that we cannot rely on willpower alone because our brains are programmed to be like "gimme the pizza dammit" and no amount of willpower can control that sort of Jedi mind control. Apparently, in addition to a strong resolve to eat better, we've got to build habits and environments which help us defeat these chemical reactions. Sounds exhausting right?

Well, since everyone I know is looking for ways to be healthier and look skinnier (<-- let's call it what it is people) I thought perhaps together we could attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into our lives each month.* One small change we'll test out together and see how it feels. Ready?! Here goes:

Healthy Habit of the Month #1: Add a fruit or veggie to every meal.
Maybe this isn't a change for you. Maybe you're all "ohmygod how unhealthy is this girl that she isn't eating a fruit/veg at every meal?" Well, I'm not, so I'm gonna try it, the theory being that 1) fruits and veggies are super healthy 2) if you round out every meal with fruit/veg, you'll get and stay satisfied for longer. So if you usually have yogurt for breakfast, add a banana. If lunch is soup and a half sandwich, add some baby carrots or an apple... you get the idea. I'm really curious to see how I do with this challenge since I'm definitely NOT a huge fan of fruits and veggies... I am, however, a fan of feeling full, so maybe, just maybe, it can work. Good luck!

*Note: Sometimes the healthy habit will be Weight Watchers suggested, other times I'm gonna think it up myself. It's like I'm paying your WW membership for you. You're welcome:)

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