Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolve. Be happy(er).

I'm counting on it!
Do you make New Years resolutions? I do and as I've grown older, I've come to really welcome them. I love the idea of re-focusing on self-improvement and becoming a happier version of who I was the year before. For me, 2012 was... well it just was. There were moments of incredible joy, but there were also challenges. Upon reflection, there were too many moments when I allowed myself to lose my merry mojo.

What's awesome about this admission, is all the potential it carries. While we cannot control what life throws at us, I think we can be determined to handle it a certain way. My resolutions are not just a tangible list, but also a desire to improve my 'tude. I want to dwell less on things I can't control and be more satisfied with what I have instead of always worrying about what I'll need next. I want to "get over it" (whatever "it" may be) with more grace and less anger/tears/sulking. In 2013, I'm going to do a better job of keeping myself happy... because being happy is a pretty awesome way to be.

And just in case that was way too existential and preachy for your taste... here are my other 2013 goals (put in writing and shared with all of you for extra accountability!)

1) Finish last year's goal. Also, learn Spanish.
Last year my goals were to start a blog and fundraise enough money to build a school in Africa. Check and no check (if we're keeping score:) This year I'd like to finish last year's project (learn more about my school in Mwangaza HERE) and begin learning Spanish. I look forward to being a bilingual, school building, blogger in 2014.
2) Wellness (aka, eat less woman!)
This year instead of picking a weight I want to be, I'm going to focus on the weight I don't want to be. I've spent the past several months above my magic number of self-loathing so for 2013, I vow to get below the number and STAY below the number, all. year. long. 
3) Climb another rung on my personal career ladder
I like to keep lawyer-meri off the blog, but she's got some 2013 goals as well. I resolve to make growth of my career a priority this year.

p.s. - This a GREAT documentary on being Happy which I'd highly recommend.

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