Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you serious!? (A cellular rant)

I see you over there... glowing...
On Friday night Dr. H and I went to the movies (at the awesome Nitehawk Cinema, but more on that another day) and I sat next to a woman who was OUT OF CONTROL with her cellphone. Throughout the previews she was texting and posting to Facebook (hey, you want to have your phone out in a dark room next to me? Ima look at your screen!) and I nearly said something, but then Ms. "I-can't-live-in-the-present-because-I-must-stay-tethered-to-the-digital-world" did put down her phone. However mid-movie she started checking for new messages, scrolling her News Feed and once even waved the phone in her companions' face to show him something (I hope it was a date and I hope that made him hate her). Phone Girl's phone glow seriously hindered my ability to relax and enjoy the film!

Now maybe this sounds harsh, and maybe if I'd spoken up she would have realized she was being rude and stopped, but I didn't want to be "that girl" ( know, the one who speaks up and makes you want to roll your eyes and say "geez lady, lighten up!") But honestly... WTF Phone Girl!? You're at the MOVIES!! You aren't a doctor, you're not checking on your kid, you paid good money to sit here and watch this so put away your tele and be HERE, watching THIS! All that other stuff will be there in 2 hours I promise. And if nothing else, consider the obnoxious glow your phone is casting, impacting the good time of all the people around you - it sucks.

So that's my rant on  taking out your cell phone at the movies. I'm sure none of you will ever volunteer to see a movie with me again:)


  1. Rant on, girl! I get annoyed if I'm in the back and someone down front is casting a little glow. If that was someone sitting close to me, I'd be 'that girl' in a second.

  2. After recently moving to australia and learning that it costs $22 (!!!) to see a movie here, I had the SAME experience with these people behind me whispering SO LOUD. Actually, not whispering at all. It was so frustrating, and I definitely kept giving them the stare-of-death every 5 minutes, but you're right. It's a big step to be 'that girl' in the theatre. Even when you paid 22 bucks to be there!

    But girlfriend, rant on. Rant on. I am totally on the same page as you. So frustrating!!!