Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

'staches for everyone!
Today is not Friday, but at least it's not Monday right?! Am I right?! Here to help you navigate the boredom of the day is a whole butt load (that's the technical term of course) of delightful distractions. Happy humping.

* A most unusual classroom. Better or worse than the norm?
* I've already ordered THESE awesome lil guys (Sis I hope you're excited!)
* The fabulous HBO series Girls is returning Sunday (woo hoo!) Click HERE and HERE for cast and costume goodness
* T Swift remixed with Jackson 5... you know you want to (on repeat:)
* Malted Milkball Krispie Treats. 100% happening. Soon.
* Al, this is what we call "TMI".
* What a brilliant gift idea for the cute kiddies in your life.
* These are so wrong... and SO funny.

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