Monday, January 14, 2013

Naked Lena Dunham

Lena knows her nudity is overdone. She does not care!

Did you catch the Season 2 premiere of Girls last night or is it still on your DVR because of the Golden Globes? Thankfully, I'm a seasoned television junkie who managed a mixture of live and recorded shows to get a full night of television accomplished. Which brings me back to Girls, and naked Lena Dunham. Lena, the brilliant, hysterical and uniquely beautiful woman that she is, seems to have a thing for getting naked on her show (even Amy and Tina made fun of it during their monologue). Within the first 5 minutes of the new episode, Lena boob was front and center and it ended with a full Lena moon.

"She's just
so NOT attractive" Dr. H (and so many others) said. "It's like... uncomfortable to watch. I hate it," and this for some reason makes me realllllll feisty. I'm not all "She's a real woman! Hollywood should just embrace it!" because honestly, Lena's body is not something most aspire to and I like (sadistically and with admiration) stunning celebrity women. But people of all shapes and sizes get naked in real life, so why not on tv? Flawed funny men have been baring all for ages (Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Will Ferrell in, like, everything!?) and that is somehow funny, not gross. So I say, Lena, take it all off! Keep making people squirm until maybe they realize that there's nothing to squirm about. TV creates imaginary worlds, beautiful worlds and depictions of the real world, so if you and your cast mates feel the need to constantly strip down, why the hell not?

PS- Amy... Tina... you rock. Honestly.

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