Friday, January 18, 2013

Crafty Little Things

It's Friday! Do your happy dance
Hooray for Friday!! Here to send you off into the long weekend are a few fantastically fun crafts I've recently discovered on Pinterest. Nothing too complicated, but a whole lot of "awwwww" and "cool!" and "why didn't I think of that!?" Enjoy!

Think spring!
A decorative way to grow and display fresh flowers!? Sign me up. To get the look: Fill a glass container about 1/3 of the way with marbles or decorative rocks. (Clear glass will enable you to watch the roots develop). Set the tulip bulb on top of the marbles/stones, pointed end UP. Add a few more marbles/rocks so that the bulb is surrounded but not covered (for support). Pour fresh water into the container. The water shouldn't touch the bulb, but it should be very close, so that the roots will grow in. Wait 4-6 weeks and then voila! 

DIY dishware
This one seems almost too good to be true it's so easy. Buy cheap glass dishware. Decorate with gold sharpie marker (think simple like dots or stripes or maybe for the more artistically brave, get silly with your sketches?). Bake at 350 for 30 min, then let cool in oven. The perfect way to create a whimsical custom look for your next dinner party!

So easy and obvious. Binder rings... DUH!
I am a massive collector of cards. I've saved sentimental notes from dozens of special people and moments in my life and they are truly treasures. What they aren't, however, is well organized or displayed. This binder rings idea is truly genius and definitely on my to do list. And a merry meri tip - if the card doesn't say it, be sure to write the date (with year!) on the back so you can always remember which special moment the card was commemorating.

I do not like green eggs and ham, but I LOVE these!
Ummm... it didn't occur to me to have an adult Dr. Seuss theme party until right now, but maybe a 1 fish, 2 fish, Lorax filled celebration needs to be on the horizon!? Whatever the age group, these lil guys were too cute not to share. 

Now all I need is some snow!!!

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  1. Hi Meri - just wanted to let you know that after seeing your great ideas on this post, I bought the supplies and just finished organizing all of the cards Logan received for his first birthday. The binder rings worked perfectly, and now all the cards are together and won't be floating around loose. Thanks for the good idea and for all the interesting and useful things you post. Keep up the good blogging :). ~Jodi