Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do you believe in magic?

I believe in magic. I believe because I've seen it with my own two eyes (four if you count Dr. H's!) When my colleague told me about Steve Cohen, The Millionaires' Magician, I admit, I was a bit skeptical. "Magic for grownups?" I thought... For sure this would be one of those activities that I was amused by and Dr. H found a bit silly. Well, somewhere between the unbelievable card tricks, incredible "think-a-drink" act and magically knowing my husband's name, wedding anniversary and rando favorite food (baby bok choy!) there was nothing left to think but "whhhhhhatttt!?!?!"

A demonstration of modern conjuring
The first "magic" of the night is the setting. The show takes place in a suite at the Waldorf Towers, meaning you have to stroll through the beautiful and historic Waldorf Hotel to get there. The dress code is cocktail attire, so cute dresses and men in jackets evoke the glamorous going-out era Manhattan now seems to reserve only for the opera. An intimate event (there couldn't have been more than 50 people in the room) everyone is close enough to the magic to notice all the details and witness legit miracles.

You will spend hours post-show wondering "HOW!?"
Steve Cohen is a true performer. Witty and engaging, he runs through a program of magic tricks and mind-reading that is completely skeptic-proof. I can assure you there's no planting people in the audience because he picked ME to participate in a trick and I was not in on anything! For an amazing night out, perfect for a date with your honey or an adventure with friends, check out Chamber Magic! (Also, lots of sexy/swanky bars downstairs in the Waldorf for pre or post-magic cocktails!)

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