Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is it in the cards?

I am, intrigued.
Would you ever visit a psychic or have your cards read? I recently chatted with a girlfriend who had sat down for a reading and she was thrilled to know all about her future successes, the fate of her love life and trying times that she would have to overcome down the line. While I’m typically adventurous and this seems like something right up my alley (I read my horoscope daily, and have the personality traits of a Cancer crab through and through) I’m not sure I’m up for having my future laid out before me.

Whether or not you believe in the accuracy of astrology or someone’s ability to possess psychic powers, being told that things will turn out a certain way no doubt influences your decisions and could instill expectations that are difficult to live up to. “What if she’d told you something scary or that you didn’t like?” I asked. “Well, it’s only as real as you make it” my girlfriend replied, which made sense, though I didn’t find the response entirely satisfying. After much pondering, I think if I ever found myself somewhere where I could have my future predicted, my curiosity would overpower my fears, but I’m not sure I’ll ever seek it out. I think sometimes, fate is best left in the stars… 

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