Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Up a creek... literally (a story).

Once upon a time, long long ago, Merry Meri and her family resided on the awesomely named street of Captains Walk. After over two decades at number 1 Captains Walk, the family decided to relocate to a house along the water and it was agreed that a small memento of their previous address would fit in perfectly at their new waterfront abode... 

[Imagine what you will, but let's just say cilantro isn't the only thing my family has "helped itself to"]

Fast forward to this weekend, when Merry Meri and Dad decided to tackle the final phase of project "Captains Walk Memento": hanging said memento on the dock by the creek in the backyard ("Captains Walk" is the dock where you park your boat!? How witty!!) The project was moving along swimmingly (foreshadowing) when Meri noticed a little creature making its way up the creek, a muskrat lovingly named by the family "Muskrat Sally" (our wit knows no ends!) "Look Dad there's Muskrat Sally!"... followed moments later by a splash as distracted Dad dropped our sign into the creek. Sh*t.

Meri and Dad immediately reached for the fishing net and dangled themselves off the edge of the dock and boat attempting to recover the sign now undoubtedly sunk into the murky, muddy bottom of the creek. Eventually Mom, noting that "too long had gone by for this little project" made her way down to the dock only to find both of her determined DIY'ers hanging upside down pulling various items out of the creek (including the step stool which was knocked overboard in the chaos and a large wood plank which was discovered during the search and rescue mission).

"I have to get in!" Meri exclaimed bravely, "we cannot abandon that sign!!!" and as Mom and Dad looked (and laughed) on, armed with a pool float and boogie board, Merry Meri entered the (never willingly swam-in) creek. Squealing in equal parts over the cold temperature and the feel of the brown, goopy creek bottom, Merry Meri located the sign and used all her foot strength to begin pulling it out of the mud... Undeterred by being ankle deep in slimy creek muck and a momentary confusion of the boogie board strap for an approaching muskrat (actual screaming may have occurred), Meri pulled the sign above the surface. Once their hysterical laughter had subsided, Mom and Dad shared in the victory celebration and Dad confessed to being proud and impressed "I wouldn't have gone in there without a full wet suit!"

After several years, one questionable "relocation of town property" and a swim in the creek later, operation Captains Walk Memento is now complete. Way to go Fam :)

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