Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Hello and welcome to the hump my merry friends! I'm ready to hustle right through to the other side of this week so check out these goodies from around the web and then let's get to it! 

* One of my favorite week night desserts is some Fat Free Cool Whip and fresh strawberries with sprinkles (for a little crunch!). THIS recipe is like the grown up, not healthy version of that!
* Or ya know maybe it's ok to occasionally miss a call or text?! THIS just seems a bit much to me.
* Jim Carrey nails it.
* Once upon a time, they were babes...
* Ready to tear up watching a commercial aimed at Dads?
* And while we're talking about Dads, this one is the man!
* These pots crack me up, think I just might have to make em.
* Get ready to have your Disney Princess loving mind BLOWN.
* This guy is Dr. H's idol. I think he's mine too. Way to go guy.

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