Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Hey there buddy!
Hello my merry friends and happiest of hump days to you! This week NYC is experiencing endless cloudiness (seriously) which though generally gloomy is quite preferable to a gloomy weekend. So here's hoping that as we get over the hump, so does the sun and we'll all be basking in the glory of 5pm Friday together soon!

* Some essential summer party supplies (like flamingo candles. of course).
* In case there was any remaining doubt about how wrinkly too much sun makes you.
* I may not be into the gold polka dots, but I love pretty much everything else about THIS quirky Brooklyn abode.
* Go mama bear go!
* Once upon a time you could say "banana oil!" and mean "that's doubtful". This and other slang from the 1920s that we really ought to consider bringing back!
* I want to go to there.
* A brilliant ponytail trick that I absolutely plan to try out.
* I love THIS.


  1. WOW, that photo of the 69 year-old man is incredible and shocking, isn't it? Also, thank you so much for the link-love, darling. Have a beautiful day. xoxo

  2. @Diana, I couldn't believe the dramatic difference in that man's skin! What a wake up call. And of course, it's easy to give link love when the content is as good as yours:) Happy Hump Day! xox