Monday, June 16, 2014

Pin there, done that Vol. 2

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When I last left you with Pinterest project updates, one project's fate hung in the balance. I'm happy to report that it turned out great.

Pinspiration hereMy result:

Playing-with-cars-while-scratching-dads-back Fathers Day gift was also a pin-success.

A #fail were these oven-baked "matzah"rella sticks. I've seen the breadcrumb version pinned all over the dang place, and decided to give it try with matzah during Passover. Obviously, no. (blame the chef and matzah, not the recipe)

A combination of a win and a whomp whomp is my DIY upholstered headboard, pinspired by this post and this post. When I made it 2 years ago, the fabric covered buttons just did not cooperate to make the tufts. So I left it alone with just the fabric and I love it, win! (very squishy and great place to rest your head while reading). But, just a week ago, we moved our bed and headboard to make room for a new area rug, and the screwed-on legs broke off. Whomp whomp. So we'll remount it directly to the wall with no legs, and it should be all better.

And last but not least (because it's one of my favorite pin-to-real-life projects) is this "monster door" that I did for my baby boy's Halloween-themed First Birthday party. I saved all the components and plan to use it every year for Halloween decor. 

What pinteresting things have you been up to lately? Any successes we absolutely must know about?

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