Thursday, June 5, 2014

A belated ode to my beloved cheese.

Cheese all across our great nation!!
You guys!!! I cannot believe this happened, but yesterday was National Cheese Day and we MISSED IT!!! Well maybe you didn't miss it, maybe you spent the day indulging in all varieties of milk's greatest reinvention, but I missed it so I probably need spend the rest of this week eating copious amounts of all varieties of cheese to make up for it. Here to help me and anyone else who considers "cheese" a major food group celebrate a belated National Cheese Day, are some cheestastic finds from around the web. 

DomaineHome had me at hello leading with that absolutely ridonky looking picture of my beloved mac cheese, but the other recipes in this roundup (like the Chili Cheese Twists and Snap Pea Salad with Burrata!) look (almost as) amazing. Click HERE for all 5 recipes in their cheesy glory! 

So I know that technically Grilled Cheese has its own day of the year, but given the primary cheese element involved, I think we'd be remiss not to give a nod to some of the epic grilled cheese creations featured HERE.

I love my chalkboard cheese slate because it looks cool while serving a very practical function. But if chalk isn't your style, check out some of the other awesome cheese boards the always unique Uncommon Goods has for sale. (I also really like this nautical themed one, might be perfect for father's day!?)

Uncommon Goods also sells a "Make your own Italian Cheese" kit and a "Make your own Artisanal Cheese" kit which I'm extremely curious about... Make my own cheese you say!?

In case you'd forgotten, one of my most favorite mac cheese spots in NYC is right HERE.

And finally, because come on... a nacho chip bleeding cheese!? That's amazing hehe.

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