Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Can you even handle this cuteness!?
I've been looking forward to this post all week because not to over-hype, but I've got some seriously awesome internet gems to share with you!! So let's not dawdle, let's get to the distracting!

* As a glasses wearer, NYC enthusiast and admirer of creative people's work... I love THESE.
* Looks like Sis got it right with the whole Dentist thing... 
* I didn't even know that it was happening but given my full blown OBSESSION with Wet Hot American Summer, I'll be seeing this movie asap.
* 8 interesting facts about Rose wine.
* I want to say my friends and I would never have done something like this, but... Poor kid.
* Must return to Morocco. Must go to HERE.
* As a collector of cards for every occasion, this is a great roundup to have on hand. 
* Way to go Barbie (and way to go Mattel!)
* This banned commercial is so freakin funny. 
* And finally, this guy is my hero... for how he handled the whole ordeal, how he managed to get it on film, how he endured that death stare and how he celebrated his victory. Way to go guy!

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