Monday, June 9, 2014

The art of the photobomb.

Very impressive
This weekend, while attending the Governor's Ball Music Festival (where our general behavior was reminiscent of our 22 year old Bonnaroo attending selves) Dr. H decided that it would be an excellent idea for us to photobomb as many people's pictures as possible. Not terrible-in-your-face intrusions, but subtle ridiculous expressions and poses in the background of as many "girl with flower crown selfie"/"hipsters ironically not smiling" shots as possible. 

The mission, albeit ambitious, was a resounding success. We danced our way into the background of dozens of photos, and struck a pose behind unsuspecting selfie takers with reckless abandon. While we may not ever see the fruits of our labor, here to brighten up your Monday is a little tribute to all the epic photobombers out there, wherever you are lurking:

Great effort buddy

the towel makes it even more special

The nosepick. Well played kid.

Even animals get in on the action...!


And of course Jimmy Fallon (and Jon Hamm!) nail it.

In other festival related news, the "unexpected awesome performance of the weekend" award goes to The Naked and Famous and the "expectations totally exceeded" award goes to The Strokes. Check em out :)

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