Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Nailed it.
This is one of those Wednesdays that had me waking up in disbelief... "It can't possibly be only Wednesday... it's got to be at least Thursday by now!" Do you feel me? Alas, Wednesday is the best we can do so here are a few distractions from around the web to get us through the day and safely to the other side of this BEAST of a week!

* Everyone is sharing this video because it is so.damn.awesome. If you haven't already watched WestJet absolutely rock the Christmas spirit, watch it now (and grab a tissue!)
* This is the best map of the NYC subway system I've ever seen. Thank you Super Bowl!
* What a pretty version of this song (sorry about the annoying pre-roll!)
* Any ladies out there have THIS hair gadget? Tell me straight, do I need it? (I might need it)
* A super interesting article about ACL injuries if you're a knee geek like me.
* Miles Redd is my fav. Somebody tell Dr. H to buy me THIS.
* I wish it would rain tacos too (and other hil-ARIOUS kiddie notes).
* First of all, that sketch is divine. Second, this list is so true.
* Remember when it was autumn and colorful and beautiful?
* and because THESE naughty dog notes never get old (thanks sis!)

ps - in case you were wondering, I was right. Bespectacled, sequin owl was found under the stuffed elephant at the bottom of my hamper. HOORAY!!

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