Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute goodies!

Hello my friends and happy "we're almost there" day to my fellow stuck-at-work'ers (yes there are some of us at work today!) In an attempt to spread a little more Christmas cheer before the big day, here are some more (super easy to create at the last minute!) eats and treats (first edition HERE) to ensure that the gifts under your tree aren't the only thing making loved ones smile this holiday!

This easy to execute and adorable to deliver treat is perfect for your host and hostess or as a small gift for exchanges which stick to a lower price-point. Hot cocoa/chocolate milk powder with mini marshmallows inside and a Bailey's treat on the outside, plus, who doesn't love a good mason jar!? Pin it HERE.

Forget reindeer games, these sweet and salty treats are no joke! A glorious combination of pretzels, rolo and sixlets (which I've never heard of, but red m&ms would do just fine!) and you have an unmistakably awesome holiday treat perfect for dessert platter display! Pin it HERE (full instructions HERE).

Still stumped for table decor? This colorful idea requires just a few holiday items and will have guests complimenting your craftiness. Using mixed height candle sticks (painted in a favorite color at the bottom if you have time/don't mind the permanent paint job!) place small colorful ball ornaments (CVS has quite the selection still) and candles at the top. Store bought mini trees are an excellent compliment if you're able to track them down! Pin it HERE (more pictures and info HERE).

How freakin adorable are these tiny Santa snacks!? Perhaps the perfect thing to mix with pretzel/rolo reindeer, these santas are made of just 3 ingredients, marshmallows, strawberries and frosting. You can create your frosting beard with a piping bag if you're fancy or a plain old ziplock with the corner snipped off if you're an amateur like me. Santa's face goes on (pre-beard and berry!!) using edible marker. So simple, SO sweet to see (and eat!) Pin it HERE (full instructions HERE)

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